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A Metroidvania where you're a self-aware forum account trying to escape a strange facility. Explore the depths of THE FORUM™ and collect abilities that destroy the very fabric of it!

These abilities include...

Error Platform - Its probably nothing important, just ignore it.

Glitch Pulse - You can use this to defend yourself! Someone should really tweak the recoil though.

Ad Blocker - This little gizmo controls all the ads in the forum! You probably shouldn't interact with the sketchier ones...

Liked The Demo?

We've been working on Glitcheon for a year now and are really glad to finally present our hard work.

If you liked the demo, have some feedback, or just wanna follow the progress on the full game here are some links you might be interested in!

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Thank you for playing! 

- Yän, River Forge and Bonicle 


River Forge Games
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Release date Feb 06, 2021
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
AuthorsRiver Forge Games, Bonicle, Yän
Made withBlender, Adobe Photoshop, FL Studio, Unity, Audacity
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Atmospheric, Cute, glitch, Metroidvania, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, Interactive tutorial
LinksSteam, Steam, Community, Twitter


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The area above the ceiling where you have to dash twice through the air to hit a tilted "download" bar is unreasonably hard compared to the rest of the game. It made me give up 100%ing this game. The clunky jump that has no max height 1 sec animation stop, the sliding, the bar that closes too quickly, the not properly explained dash mechanic, the "perfect" dash that has an unforgiving amount of time to do, made it all an infuriating experience for optional content.

I look forward for the full release of the game, but this still needs a lot of work. Take inspiration from famous platformers like Hollow Knight, Celeste, Trine, etc. None of them have such problems.

is the game suposeto get lagyer when you die?

No, it's not designed to perform worse when you die. It may stutter for a moment when reloading your last checkpoint in the demo though.

well it is for me mayby cuz i am useing a laptop

Im lagging to hard im just going to stop playing and errors pop up on my screen for some reason so much glitches and lag

Lag :(

its toooooooooooooooooooooooo hard

or im just bad at video games

Hey, sorry you're experiencing difficulty. Where are you stuck? Maybe I can give you some tips

Nioce Game

oh my god its so laggy

Hello! Sorry to hear that you had a laggy experience.

For best performance, we recommend downloading the game instead of playing in browser.


Really cool demo, I love the aesthetic, art and voice acting. The only nitpick I have is that some platforms are a bit too glitchy and blend into the background. Other than that, the gameplay is challenging and the story interesting, I'm definitely looking forward to when the full game release and just wishlisted it on my steam :)


Very awesome game. I have lots of feedback but I don't want to discourage you guys, I think this game is very cool but I have some nitpicks.

The movement is very good, fluid and snappy at the same time, the jump platforms are a really neat idea.

The platforms around the map can be really difficult to see at times, I couldn't tell if I was jumping on a wall or a platform specifically in the whiter walls area.

The level has a lot of sections that feel identical, just with a few extra challenges, could be intentional with the glitchy theme you're going for.

The art is really awesome, I love the 3D look to all the sprites.

The glitch effects are way to extreme, I looked and couldn't see an option to turn them down. I unfortunately suffer from light epilepsy (without seizures just migraines) so I couldn't play for too long and see all the game has to offer.

Overall very good, excited to see it's release on steam.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

For the steam release, we are definitely planning to add some settings like you mentioned you were looking for, as well as an in game warning for those with epilepsy.

There are a number of things I think we could allow you to tweak, primarily around the animated and flickering glitch effects that would really improve the experience. If anything else stood out that you would have liked to control in that regard, please don't hesitate to let us know.


Ohhh I got a hidden achievement“shouldn't be here“

Then I was scolded by the developer in the game for half an hour (because I repeated this operation more than ten times):)

sooooooooooo interesting haha

Oh boy! That was a fun thing to work on.

how do I get the health upgrade in the bandwidth control site?

I don't want to reveal too much, but some areas of the game are only accessible earlier on, if that makes sense. There could be a point where it is no longer accessible on that game save.🤔

I only know one health upgrade station, but you can look for hidden paths (especially if you can't see the ceiling, there may have hidden something).

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there's three and I got two of them(the one in the laboratory and the one on the neo observation deck)

(1 edit)

I unlocked Fierce Foes and I somehow didn't expect the leaker to insta-kill. also I thought the bouncer would only bounce off walls which would make it more unpredictable and harder to kill. instead it is the single most harmless enemy in the game. huh. also, something funny happens if you shoot a bouncer and it hits you at the same time. 


I'm just curious about how the Enforcer attack. Would you please explain it in detail?Thanks!

they make a big explosion a few seconds after they bump into you and then die. forget what I said about bouncers being the most harmless enemy. enforcers are literally useless. 

Once enforceres get close enough to you/within an activation range, they stop following you and trigger a timed area of effect explosion. This damages you, but it instantly kills other enemies nearby, so you can trigger them intentionally to make an area easier to navigate by destroying other more harmful enemies.

by useless I mean the explosion takes too long to happen to be dangerous. and the fact that it doesn't explode upon contact makes it an insta-death wall for other enemies.

Wow!Thank you!

Thanks so much for the feedback! While the bouncer is sort of directly harmless, it can be quite an impediment in certain situations.

In the future, we plan to employ bouncers in more interesting ways with deliberate/non-random placement of certain enemy types.

I think it's interesting having them push the player non-lethally, so we'll try to hold on to that if we can and make it more interesting.

I changed my mind about bouncers a while ago. they are freaking impossible to kill if there aren't any nearby enemies to hit it into. Enforcers are the useless ones.

I would like to ask a question about the plot: has this kind of error occurred many times in The Forum before the protagonist was awakened?

This is one that I can neither confirm nor deny, but I think you're thinking along the right lines in terms of the depth and complexity of what we've thought about and planned to elaborate on in the future!

I think you may be able to establish a world view, take the forum as the starting point, or develop the plot from who made the mistake and its causes! Of course, this is just a suggestion. You can choose to ignore it.

jumping is absolutly awful


The art is so realistic and beatiful! The mehanics are very cool! Love It!

Thank you so much, as the artist, reading this makes me happy :)


I REALLY like this game!

As a platform game, I really can't imagine that it can have a story line! Including the background and story, I like them very much! I really like the illustrations of the NEOLITE city! It's so cool!

To be honest, I am a Chinese player. Unexpected! I'm going to have the opportunity to record a video on BiliBili to specifically recommend this game!(By the way, have you heard of BiliBili?)

I think the reason for this game is not only the plot, but also the rich details. These details constitute a complete electronic prison.

By the way, I have basically decrypted all the symbols in the map. In fact, some symbols have been reminding the protagonist not to believe the forum. That's cool!(Is it illegal for me to send some decrypted pictures?:))

Anyway, it's a good game - unfortunately, it's popular. I hope it will have more updates!(My English is not good, so there may be some mistakes, sorry!)

Thank you for your kind comment. I'm happy that our little game is reaching people all over the world.

Awesome that you decrypted the symbols! You can post them online, it's fine.

Never heard of BiliBili but I appreciate the support!

Aha!Well,I will post them.

(2 edits) (+2)

EDIT: I figured out how to get past the part I couldn't get past, and, yeah... I'm just stupid. 99.99% of people could figure it out. I finished the demo and it's great. XD

Old comment:

Great game! Really, I had fun. I encountered Just a few problems:

1) I accidentally went through the wrong door and went to the VERY BEGINNING and had to replay the part I had JUST FINISHED after spending FIFTEEN MINUTES on it! That was a little frustrating. (I'm bad at video games and that's why it took me so long, but still...)

2) I can't figure out how to get past the VERY FIRST challenge that used the advertisements! I eventually just gave up, and I still haven't beaten it as of the time I'm writing this. I'm probably just stupid, but some indication on what to do from the narrator would be nice.

3) I couldn't tell what was in the foreground or background sometimes. Like, I'd run into a wall thinking it was just a wall in the background and fall to my death.

The game has AMAZING potential, and overall the demo is pretty well-made. Putting aside the fact that I follow the devs on YouTube, I'd give it an unbiased 9/10.


Yoo nice I'm glad you got it eventually ^^
Thank you so much for your kind comment & feedback!

Full game will have a map for sure so you can tell more clearly where you've been before. 
Hope the background/foreground thing wasn't an issue in too many places. Really trying my best to make the look of what is foreground and what is background as consistent as possible. If there's a spot you found particularly hard to distinguish, please let me know!


Me, using a mac: Bluescreen isn't real, it can't scare me!

its not loading


TRUST me,just try it!


Did someone tried to came back to Account Storage Unit?There is a little surprise


Vote Greg


The first time I got to the "A Discouraging Discovery" room it was from the bottom using a bouncer to go straight up and I only now found the way your supposed to use.

haha that's great :D
I knew there would be someone!

Something happened...

I was playing on the new mode and what I think happened is I got hit against the celling hard by a bouncer (and might have died  at the same time) and glitched back far enough to get here, but idk.

Also I'm stuck here now :(

Oh no! I'm sorry that happened. You're not supposed to be able to get here unless a very specific set of circumstances are true, and it appears you got here by accident/through some unintentional bug. Because of that, there's no intentional way to get out either.

You will probably have to start a new game if recalling your last checkpoint is taking you here.


I just restarted what I said about being stuck was mostly a joke.

How do you get there anyway? I have been wondering that


I looked at your stream and saw you talk about a enemy in the game I haven't seen so I looked for as many secrets as I could here's what I found: Two bonus hearts, the thing when you go back to the start (a few times), and what's below (sorry about it glitching in the screen shot didn't notice it till later) but I still haven't found where those enemies are so can I get a hint?

Sure, congrats for finding all those secrets! The other one is hard to obtain but if you boost yourself against the slanted download button from the right fast enough, you can go into the ceiling... If you need more tips, let me know!

Okay got the new made now and I have screen shots of 11 of the weird symbols (+ the Hu from above) including the one in the room with a pile of dead glitcheons.

Has the code been decoded yet?

Some people have done it, albeit only a few. There is one code that is hidden very well on the right of the neolite city observation deck, if you can make it far enough. Good luck and have fun!

I have gotten to that one too.

I have solved the code now and I'm surprised it doesn't reveal anything interesting except for there has been at least 1001 glitcheons who have failed.
Also what is with that random HU and have I found all the codes (I have 11)

Sorry if it's a bit underwhelming ^^ It was just supposed to be a little extra thing to do on the side for players who already played through the game.

Hu is the greeting people use on our discord server (it originated from someone mistyping "hi" and became a thing from there) Just a little easter egg... Or maybe more is hidden by it? Who knows o.o


cool! lags on my potato tho

Thanks for trying it out! Sorry about the lags. Have you played the download-version? It tends to perform better than the browser version on weaker systems.

chromebook :(

Oof. Hope you can get your hands on a proper PC at some point! Chromebooks are just not made for gaming :/

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Lol hope you weren't disappointed. You can create error platforms with S or the down arrow. All controls can also be viewed in the menu. Have fun!

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Ik how now lol

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Ik how now lol

Show post...

How do u place down error messages


I played your game:

Hey, I know you :O I'm on your mailing list. Thanks for spreading the word and offering feedback!


Yeah you submitted your game to my list. that's why I played it :P


this game is amazing! it reminds me of LBP (little big planet), also it has funniest guy in it, 10/10.

Thanks a lot! That is indeed a very funny guy


So amazing and polished! Wish my PC was stong enough for it to render. I wish y'all the best in making the full version :)

Thank you so much! How bad is it, in terms of framerate? Is it very choppy? Have you played the downloaded version or browser? (Downloaded tends to run better than web)

If you could tell us what kinda CPU and GPU you have, that would be helpful too, to have a better understanding of where the cut-off line is ^^

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This game is a great game and i will probably get it when it releases!


Thank you! That means a lot to us :)


will there be boss fights in the game when it releases?

There will probably be some form of boss encounters but we want to keep the game non-combat focused so they might not end up being "traditional" boss fights. We haven't fully decided what exactly we should do in terms of bosses yet.


ok, thank you


this game still sucks ass


probably because you're running the web version on some shitty laptop


The game lagged way too much and it was way too hard, 4/20 gam

or maybe you just have shit pc that can't run the simplest of games

(1 edit) (+1)

Oh Boy! Until that announcement at the end, I thought that you must’ve been working with at least a small 20-people-version of a AAA team to make this game.

Aw that’s awesome! Thank you. 🙃


 The mechanics are fun to use and make platforming a blast! It's fun to power past enemies with the boost and explode them with platforms. I do have one issue with this game though and it's probably not even a real problem, some of the enemies and advertisements look out of place and (in my opinion) take away from a game that is otherwise visually appealing.

(especially the "doctors hate him" ad) 

I think this game is very interesting and I might check it out when it releases!


Thanks so much for your feedback! Glad you enjoyed it. :)


very fun to speedrun


Thank you!


Its both fun and visually appealing!


Thank you!


i love it 10/10

Thanks a lot!


I found the secret message

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey, maybe try to change the antivirus keybinding to k instead of s

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