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A glitchtastic metroidvania adventure made for the Wowie Jam 2.0. Theme: Intentional bugs

You awake in a strange place as a forum avatar trapped inside a robo-screen. Escape the digital cyber prison you're in by hacking bugs and glitches into the simulation.



Special Notes

Press 0 to restart the whole game. There is no way to cancel this.

Press 1 to go back to the last checkpoint. There is no way to cancel this.


Yän, River Forge, Bonicle, Project-Owl

Thank you for playing!


Glitcheon Windows v0_0_2.zip 69 MB
Glitcheonv01_01_02.tar.gz 70 MB


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Love it! That error sound though ...brings me back!

Thank you so much! The error sounds sure add a lot to the feeling haha


It's hard to find the platform, maybe make them more bold

Thanks for your feedback. I'll experiment with a few ways to make them stand out more such as making them brighter and making the blue line more opaque and saturated.




This was so flap-jackin' hard! It was really cool to be able to use the error platforms defensively, though, and I think beating it just comes down to getting each glitch pulse segment into muscle memory.

Glitcheon starts at 20:44.

Thank you so much for playing and recording it :) I had a blast watching.

The glitch pulse ability is almost a little too weird with the way momentum works when using it. I'm glad it still worked out for you eventually :)

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loved it! It took a while for me to wrap my brain about the way I insisted on doing the jump-reverse-boost-reverse  but finally I finished it :D Cool music too!

I actually saw your video just a couple hours after you posted. :) Thanks for covering it, and I hope you enjoyed it.


I played random indie games from gamejam and your game was one of them actually had alot of fun :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you so much for playing and recording it. Highly appreciated :)


I'm glad you liked it :)