(Flashing Lights Advisory)

A Metroidvania where you're a self-aware forum account trying to escape a strange facility. Explore the depths of THE FORUM™ and collect abilities that destroy the very fabric of it!

These abilities include...

Error Platform - Its probably nothing important, just ignore it.

Glitch Pulse - You can use this to defend yourself! Someone should really tweak the recoil though.

Ad Blocker - This little gizmo controls all the ads in the forum! You probably shouldn't interact with the sketchier ones...

Liked The Demo?

We've been working on Glitcheon for a year now and are really glad to finally present our hard work.

If you liked the demo, have some feedback, or just wanna follow the progress on the full game here are some links you might be interested in!

Wishlist Glitcheon on SteamJoin our Discord communityFollow us on Twitter

Thank you for playing! 

- Yän, River Forge and Bonicle 



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Oh Boy! Until that announcement at the end, I thought that you must’ve been working with at least a small 20-people-version of a AAA team to make this game.

Aw that’s awesome! Thank you. 🙃


 The mechanics are fun to use and make platforming a blast! It's fun to power past enemies with the boost and explode them with platforms. I do have one issue with this game though and it's probably not even a real problem, some of the enemies and advertisements look out of place and (in my opinion) take away from a game that is otherwise visually appealing.

(especially the "doctors hate him" ad) 

I think this game is very interesting and I might check it out when it releases!


Thanks so much for your feedback! Glad you enjoyed it. :)


very fun to speedrun


Thank you!


Its both fun and visually appealing!


Thank you!


i love it 10/10

Thanks a lot!


I found the secret message

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Hey, maybe try to change the antivirus keybinding to k instead of s

The game won't load up. T^T

Oh no D:
Are you trying the web-version or the download-version?
Does it not load at all or are you seeing a unity load screen at least?


Okay. This is just infinitely impressive.

Thank you very much! <3

Pretty cool concept, we made a few suggestions towards improvements such as character movment. A good little game though.

i have a problem,my Antivirus detects glitcheon as a virus

Hello! The builds are not currently signed, so windows will warn about that. It doesn't mean that it has been detected as a virus.

That being said, you can play the web version in browser if you have any trouble!

Thank you,but how do i play on the web version?

Right at the top of the page, there should be a button saying "Run Game"


I have some critique on specific levels, and tweak suggestions if you wanna hear it. Great Game!

Always! Hop into our Discord and we'll be happy to discuss.


Fun game, but I think I experienced a real glitch and got stuck in a wall

Wow, how did you end up there?

You can always hit Escape and reload the last checkpoint if you get stuck like this. I'd be quite curious to know what you did before getting into this position though so we can debug it. Thanks!


I died while jumping, and I respawned up there


Thanks for letting me know! We'll look into this


Oh my fricking' god that pulse is totally freakingly annoying to control. I've been trying a certain area over a gazillion times and I still cannot get it right. It's probably just me but I would seriously reconsider making it a little more predictable or less hard (or maybe I should've played the game on easy instead of hard... ). The only reason I'm still trying is that the game is so awesomely styled, both visually as sound-wise. So take that as a compliment, seriously original style!

Btw. I'm stuck in that area where you have to virus-dodge-jump-pulse across a lot of purple stuff. First right, then down, then left again.

Hiya swoopie! Sorry to hear you're experiencing some frustration.

A few things...
1. The purple lights on the character's arm thingies should indicate how powerful the glitch pulse will be. I realize it can seem a bit unwieldy or unpredictable, and this is something we talk about a lot internally, but it can  be predicted with some experimentation and practice as it is never affected by anything random.
2. You can change the difficulty at any time, and this may affect how many enemies and/or hazards you need to avoid.
3. If you want to get some tips, tricks, etc. you can join our discord and someone can guide you or just show you a video of the area you're having trouble with. http://discord.gg/6kntfs3

No worries, your game is quite awesome, it's apparently just too hard for me :-) Thanks for the tips though! 

the game wont load

Hi there! Sorry to hear that. What browser are you using?
It's also possible that it won't load due to your internet connection. In that case, you could try downloading it, as however long that may take, you only have to do it once.

im using chrome

well im in chrome and it works fine even if its the old version

imma log in with another account


pretty dope

That's a pretty dope comment. Thanks!


ooooh! I really like the whole nature of this game! The glitch particle effects, The Forum, and even the cute-looking player character! What would be even cooler if we could customize the player's "Username" and profile picture.

Username & Picture customization are planned for the full version. Thanks a lot for the feedback and praise :)


This game is epic! It has a great story, great graphics, and really brings the metroidvania style out! I really like it, and can't wait to see how it grows!

Thank you for the kind words :)

God, the glitch pulse physics. SEND HELP

Ok so, here's some help I guess.
It pushes you back depending on your current speed when using it. The faster you are at the moment of hitting the key, the more it will push you.

If you hold it down, it will continue pushing you until you release it. So if you want a smaller push back from it, just don't move around when using it and give it a little tap.
If you want to be pushed further, move in the opposite direction first, then use the glitch pulse and hold it.

Hope that helps!


Really nice! Love it!! :D

Thank you Brownrice :)


Really cool, but it's so hard.


Thanks and sorry about that. Some people say it's too easy some say it's too hard. I think we should just add an "assist mode" for the full game.


this is amazing!! <3

Thanks! <3


Good job. I wish you luck


Nice! I got 376.50 speedrunning normal mode.


Now I got 338.07

Good job! :)


Thanks! I hope other people decide to start speedrunning this great game! (Also, what's your best time on normal?)

Personally, I haven't seriously attempted normal runs with the timer going yet. But I know that there is a wr of something like 170. It's on youtube, if you wanna see it.

On our discord server, there are some runners who are trying to break the game right now to skip a big chunk of the game :D If you have an account, come on in ;)


Really impressive. I love the visuals, gameplay and concept. Congrats!!

Nice video! It looks like you practiced a bit before recording, smooth moves!


This is really awesome and I love the ideas


Thanks a ton!




ŸäḦüï, I’m glad to see Ÿıū!


Really nice work. Can't believe it's finally here!


We can hardly believe it either! Thank you Harsh :)


Pretty cool game. I have learned many useful things like (REDACTED) and that's pretty cool.


Thanks! Yeah (REDACTED) was acutally the main message of this demo. Glad you found out about it!


Honestly i can't wait for other people to speedrun this game. (including me)


Super secret tip! Press 9 on the keyboard to pull up a speedrun timer. This is still an experimental feature but we used it internally for some fun competitions :)


Oh hey, thanks :).


Also, can I make the Speedrun.com page for Glitcheon? Wanted to ask just in case.


Yes, please clarify that it's for the demo in some way.


It is for the demo, When the game will be finished there would be a second version with the full game.